Our True Story About Falconry and Cannabis
Cert# WA-CG-20-0412


Clean Green Certified®

Falcanna is Clean Green Certified! Clean Green is the only nationally recognized cannabis certification program that is based on national and international organic, sustainable farming practices.

Happy Plants

We utilize organic nutrients and natural minerals and Flush our crops with pure RO (reverse osmosis) water for 10 days before harvest. Our crops are pampered – they even have filtered air to breathe!

Our Advocacy

Falcanna is a 100% minority owned company (50% woman-owned, 50% Native American-owned) that advocates to protect the cannabis industry in a way that allows small and minority owned businesses to flourish.

About Our Farm

Bethany and Justin each have a passion for animals and plants and they met through their love of falconry. They began growing cannabis 12 years ago during the very early stages of medical cannabis legalization, opening the first medical dispensary on the Olympic Peninsula. 

"We love our product and we don’t want to pollute our bodies with pesticides or fungicides any more than the average consumer does." - Justin & Bethany

Our featured Premium Strains!

Sky Cuddler Kush

Super stoney THC and terpene-fueled head high.
THC: 22.16%
CBD: >.04%

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Stoney with a bit of a giggle – a kicked back stone with a smile.
THC: 16.00%
CBD: .46%

Magic Melon

Creative & invigorating – this really IS magic! THC: 23.52%
CBD: .716%

Cherry Limeade

Great relief for nerve related aches and pains.
THC: 4.60%
CBD: 14.70%

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King County, WA
And Oklahoma

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